Ceblano's Burdang Lumban is the manufacturer of the first colored barong in the Philippines.     It was formally established by Mr. & Mrs. Danilo and Amor Ceblano in 1988.     However, its root can further be traced to over centuries from her own ancestors in Lumban.   Their team consists of talented embroiderers and craftsmen/women, being guided by Amor's genetic creativity and Danilo's formal business knowledge.     Then in 1993, they experimented making colored barongs, which became instrumental in the modernization of Filipiniana and barong industry.

                  Their products are mostly being supplied to the shops/companies in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.   Beyond Luzon, they helped introduce the Lumban embroidery to parts of Visayas and Mindanao, through exhibits in the early 1990s-2000s.   At present, Ceblano's Burdang Lumban, represented by Maj. Amor Ceblano (Ret.), serves as among the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Lumban Embroidery Association and Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LEAMPC).